About Us

We are Jack & Beka and we’ve been certifiable geeks since before the Star Wars Prequels. Almost a decade ago, we started thinking about how to augment the games we love for a deeper, richer and more immersive gaming experience. We believe the magic of gaming is best invoked when you are absorbed in its world, conjuring the scene with real life elements from the story. More recently, we decided it might be a good idea to share some of these ideas. That's why we have created a line of different scenery, terrains and in keeping storage solutions.


Game Cult hails from deepest darkest Kent and all of our products are lovingly made with lasers. They are not assembled by Salem, the Game Cult cat.


Salem the Game Cult cat


Jack has been playing Warhammer since the 90s and is avidly into tabletop gaming. He is currently fighting to be crowned King of the Cuckleberries in his club's Bloodbowl Tournament. He also likes eating pizza.


Beka’s interests revolve around LCGs (in particular Arkham Horror), video games, RPG, Anime, board games, Grimdark and all things horror and fantasy. She also loves listening to D&D Podcasts but hasn’t quite found the right group to be in yet…