Summer Update

Well, well, well early July and it’s raining.  

Here at Game Cult headquarters we’ve been busily working on new products, recently we added an exciting additional range of desert buildings (three new twin building sets, a new larger deluxe building and big boy bundle 2!) Customers told us how much they liked ‘desert building bundle one’ and wouldn’t mind a bit more of the same. The new variations include tunnels and bridges, but enough straight buildings to create longer streets and alleys. There may well be one last massive desert building in me before the year is out… something even bigger! 

Currently on my prototype bench is a new trench works concept which I hope to offer up very soon. I will say no more except the road to Stalingrad continues (indeed my regular gaming group plays a lot of Bolt Action and we all steadily lean into the Eastern Front… my first two outings with the Soviets have been refreshing, though I feel I may have become carried away re-enacting the opening scenes from ‘Enemy at the Gates’).   

My hobby projects (as usual) spin out in more than one direction as I get swept up in a barrage of lockdown hype-trains… to mix a lot of metaphors… or something… Chiefly I have been painting up a force of Lancastrians (Perry Brothers – lovely as per usual) for use (principally) with the new rules ‘Never Mind the Billhooks’ as mentioned in recent editions of Wargames Illustrated and developed by Andy Callan. It has also been a lovely way as well to learn more about The Wars of the Roses, a period of history of which I was only vaguely aware. On this note I recommend history podcast ‘Gone Medieval’ with Matt Lewis and Cat Jarman which provides a really nice in depth look at this sometimes misunderstood period.  

I have also purchased the (relatively) recently released 2nd edition of the ‘Gaslands’ rulebook in a bid to re-enact some Mad Max style racing. I’ve never gone in for these kinds of racing games before have been drawn into its world of rust and dust.  

Should probably make some scenery for it I suppose….  till next time. 

(Pictured Below: My new Lancastrian's talk balls)

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