North Africa to the Ostfront

Bolt Action Italy Pavlov Stalingrad

Bolt Action has remained my game of choice this summer and have had much fun learning and gaming with my local Historical group; part of my London Club the LGG (London Wargaming Guild, of which I am an early and loyal member).

The first game was a fierce 1K battle to capture buildings on the Ostfront and the first outing for my BA-6 armoured car (which performed valiantly). A tough fought game using the Stalingrad book’s ‘constant bombardment rule’ which made things very ‘killy’. This was also a nice opportunity to pul many of my terrain pieces together for one battle including the debut of 'the trench' which was painted up very nicely by my opponent.


Eastern Front Set-Up




The other game was a classic objective capture, in this case pizza ovens and a wine barrel! (what could be more Italian). My Italian forces joined with another to make a robust 1.5K force and we faced off against the British 8th. One slight miscalculation was our lack of both tanks and anti-tank (made much worse when our solitary M41 took one to the snout early in the game) but we hoped we might be able to survive long enough to bake a modest Margarita.

A quick shout out here to the Bad Moon Café; if you are a London gamer chances are you are already well familiar. It has certainly become one of my favourite places to game with a fulsome variety of tables and delicious wine spritzers.



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