Bolt Action Terrain: Snowy Village

During WW2 (and indeed on many of the other occasions Europe has decided to tear itself asunder) much of the fighting took place in and around towns and villages. My group is gearing up for some Bolt Action in a European theatre and I was keen for a snowy/wintery theme.

First as I usually do, I did a bit of rendering with polyfilla and spray sand (a rustoleum product which I whole heartedly recommend – though similar effects may be achieved the old fashioned way with a brush and some sand+PVA).

Next I sprayed the buildings. I used Montana Gold again due to its cheapness - £25 for 4x 400ml cans is tough to beat (and with the right cap also good for your model base coats). I buy mine from Cass Art thought other art shops may be able to help you out – spray is expensive to post and art shops could do with a little support! The Boulangerie has a two tone effect doing a simple bit of masking. Using a very light spray of white around the bottom helps to create a nice snowy effect.

Next it is time for snow. My first time in fact using this method. Use ‘Bicarbonate of Soda’ and not ‘Baking Powder’. The former mixed with paint (white) and PVA very nicely while the latter turns into an expanding fizzy mess. I used equal third mixtures with a bit of water but this is art more than science. Then it was merely a case of spooning on the mixture with ‘one of my more veteran’ brushes.

I used ‘Still Water Effect’ by Vallejo to form ice around the village fountain. I quite like the icicles (it goes on quite thick so you can manipulate it) and given a bit more time will likely apply this effect to the rest of the buildings.


One other new thing I tried was printing off some wallpaper. This was as simple as cutting off a suitable pattern and cutting to fit a wall. The internals of buildings in war gaming are sometimes neglected but I think this helps make it look a bit livelier.

I’m hoping to incorporate all of this into a large snow themed table eventually so stay tuned.


Anyway, the bundle that includes all the elements is avalable here:








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