An Invitation to Assemble

Each purchase you make from Game Cult will be sent to you with detailed assembly instructions to help you erect your buildings, boxes and other various Game Cult accoutrements. Perhaps you like us have a curious and every hungry cat who decides to shred/eat your belongings into oblivion or perhaps you've offered your assembly instructions up as sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth. We don't judge but we do provide extra digital copies. Today, the Arkham Necronomicon Box.


Instructions – Arkham Necronomicon Box

Step 1: Create the outer box (below - with inner box inserted) out of bottom and 4 side pieces. Page grooves should face to the outside of the box. Do a dry run first and make sure the holes are aligned correctly as side page notches differ slightly on each end.




Step 2: Assemble the inner box (above); first place the 3 inner dividers insider the holes of 1 side panel making sure all divider grooves point the same way as above. Then add the opposite side panel. Finally add the two grooved side piece, again make sure the grooves face the same way. Tip: The outer box may be used to hold the inner box together while it dries (if the outer box is already dry)   





Step 3: create the lid – IMPORTANT: first insert piece on the right hand side of the picture below (circled) into slots. Then insert side pieces into left side piece and insert into lid.



Step 4: The tray is constructed of 4 side pieces and a bottom – dry check first and then assemble.



NOTE: If you do not own clamps to hold parts together while drying placing heavy books or similar objects to press on joints can also aid construction. Always wait until fully dry (as per your glues recommendations) before use.

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